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Australian stores that the U.K. needs

Naieve me packed as many outfit options as I could for all seasons before coming out to Australia, picturing it as a huge hot desert land with hardly any shops. I soon realised it's pretty much the UK but with much nicer weather and laid back people. Oh and also full of amazing high street stores… Continue reading Australian stores that the U.K. needs

Australian Wonderland

East Coast Adventure – Surf’s up!

You can't visit Australia and not have a surf lesson. That's why we made the most of our second stop up the beautiful east coast. We made our way to another secluded spot off the beaten track but where a lot of backpackers seem to find their way too. Mojo Surf camp is found in… Continue reading East Coast Adventure – Surf’s up!

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The Great Ocean Road In One Day

One of the worlds most scenic coastal drives begins just outside of Melbourne's bustling city centre. The Great Ocean Road stretches over a spectacular 400km to the South Australian border. It's no surprise that this adventurous route has become of Australia's top tourist trips, especially for those visiting Melbourne. It's a breathtaking way to escape… Continue reading The Great Ocean Road In One Day

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Melbourne’s Winter Night Market

You are never too far from a market to explore in Melbourne. From fresh food to unique homewares and gifts, Australia's standard of market is high and everyone including locals and tourists love them. The most well known, especially for tourists with it being so central is Queen Victoria Market. In the daytime it seemed… Continue reading Melbourne’s Winter Night Market

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Australia Wins in the Chocolate Isle

There are a few stereotypical British foods that you fear leaving behind when travelling, as if certain brands and food combos just don't exist once you've left British soil. For me they were - a 'proper' cup of tea, sausage & mash (and all pub grub), scones and of course our beloved Cadburys chocolate, because… Continue reading Australia Wins in the Chocolate Isle

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Australia’s Best Bakes at the Flour Market

Only one thing will get me up and out before 9am on a Sunday - food. And that's what happened recently in order to attend Australia's seasonal bake sale, the Flour Market. The carb filled event promises the best of Melbourne and Sydney's baking community, celebrating emerging, artisan and underground bakers. Each market is held at a different… Continue reading Australia’s Best Bakes at the Flour Market

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Street Art Tour of Melbourne

The city of Melbourne has gained international status as one of the World's great street art capitals. Almost every street you walk down in the cultured city will feature some form of creativity on its walls. But the majority of eye catching pieces are hidden within Melbourne's. are of alleyways and lanes, besides to its main… Continue reading Street Art Tour of Melbourne

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Melbourne brunch spot: The Little Denn

Melbourne is the capital city of brunch. (If there ever was such a thing). Brunch is no new fad nowadays but Melbourne and Australia in general has always had a loving relationship with coffee and breakfast food. I for one am a huge fan of the word brunch - whoever decided to make breakfast and… Continue reading Melbourne brunch spot: The Little Denn